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What is the aim of Niedersachsen-Aviation.NET? Why should I register?

Niedersachsen-Aviation.NET was established to support companies and institution in their cooperation efforts and to help establishing business contacts.

The state initiative “Niedersachsen Aviation” has developed this as an online tool that makes the skills and specializations of the aviation and aerospace industry more transparent. Therefore it helps companies and buyers looking for special skills, products or capabilities for their inquiries in order to find the right partner for their business.

If you want to publish the special competencies of your company, market your products and services or wish to find new partners for business opportunities you should register here.

How does Niedersachsen-Aviation.NET differ from other Internet portals?

Niedersachsen-Aciation.NET is independent of OEMs and exclusively in English. It is thus usable worldwide by OEMs, Tier 1 and suppliers.

At Niedersachsen-Aviation.NET you can market your company’s services in a clear and transparent form for potential customers. In addition Niedersachsen-Aviation.NET gives you the chance to find new partners and business contacts by accessing a structured database of aerospace related companies, research institutions and networks. We follow a cluster-oriented approach integrating the well-known triple helix structure between Universities, Industry and Governmental Organizations.

The information is stored in a searchable database and information can be found by searching for

  • freely-formulated descriptions of competence, Company name oder contact persons
  • predefined industry categories ranging from Aerostructures, Engineering, Human Resources or Logistics & Cargo to Research & Technology or Tool Machining, Device and Plant Contruction
  • references to clients, projects and products
  • tools, standards and certifications, which you can individually select from predefined entries.

Despite this wealth of details, customers can track down your company with just a few mouse clicks using various easy-to-use search functions.

Niedersachsen-Aviation.NET is part of a “real life” network driven by the state initiative Niedersachsen Aviation which represents the aviation and aerospace cluster in Niedersachsen / Northern Germany. We closely collaborate with the aerospace clusters in Hamburg, Bremen and other german regions.

How do I register my company/institution in the Niedersachsen-Aviation.NET?

There are predefined profiles for most Niedersachsen based companies. If you are not registered yet, just follow the “register” link at top navigation on the homepage. This enables you to register within not more than 3 minutes. If you are a Niedersachsen based company the profile will be free of charge.

A click on the “Submit” button will result in your receiving an email to your email account. This enables you to activate your personal access key. As soon as you are logged in you can fill in your "company profile" via clicking on "Edit company profile" in the grey welcome box on the top right of our homepage. The "fill-in-guidelines" will assist you in compiling your "company profile".

What does it cost to use Niedersachsen-Aviation.NET?

Niedersachsen-Aviation.NET was developed by the state initiative Niedersachsen Aviation. Niedersachen based companies have access to this service free of charge. To extend your company profile with more information there are possibilities to upgrade to a “Gold” or “Premium” Account. Please refer to our actual price list for details.

What are the advantages within the Gold- and Premium package?

The Gold and Premium packages allow you to present your profile even more detailed. It also increases the chances of being found by other companies and potential customers through the search engine.

You can publish a more detailed company description, display products, cooperation interests, references or certifications and add additional contact persons. Book the premium package for unlimited upload and additional informations, files or personal profiles. These are used to present contact persons in your companies in special fields of interest.

Whose idea is the website and who implemented it?

The idea for Niedersachsen-Aviation.NET was developed by the state initiative “Niedersachsen Aviation”.

Niedersachsen Aviation is the network for the promotion of the aviation and aerospace industry in Northern Germany. The goal is the strengthening and enhancement of the national and international competitiveness of Niedersachsen. Niedersachsen Aviation is represented statewide through the business offices and partners of the initiative and is your central contact for all questions involving aviation and aerospace. Visit for further information.

Is Niedersachsen-Aviation.NET accessible for Niedersachsen based companies only?

Not at all. Any companies from the aerospace, aviation and aeronautics sectors are welcome to use Niedersachsen-Aviation.NET - independently of nationality and location.


If you have any questions about your profile, your membership or Niedersachsen Aviation do not hesitate to contact us.

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Norbert Steinkemper

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